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Joe Biden - Senile or Sneaky?

 Joe Biden-

Is he in cognitive decline? Or is he laughing behind the backs of those who believe that?

Let's talk about this for a second-

So many have reached the conclusion that Joe is having cognitive issues & that is affecting his ability to serve as President.

Well, I have a really different take on this, & whether you agree or not, I think it should at least be taken into consideration.

In order to do this right, we have to walk back through history a little. I hope that you will stay & hang out while we do.

Joe was ambitious right from his early days in Washington. He was willing to lie - about his accomplishments in college, for example. He was willing to steal - catchy quotes & speeches from others (yes, plagiarism is theft, & it matters because it points to a flaw in a person's character)- this was easier to do in the 80's, those pre-internet, pre-cell phone prehistoric days, yet he still wasn't clever enough to do it without being caught on multiple occasions (which he still does to this very day),

Biden was an ambitious man. Elected to the Senate in 1972, he declared his first candidacy for President in June of 1987- but by the end of September he had withdrawn from the race, after at least 6 instances of his intellectual theft (plagiarism) had been publicized, & multiple lies about his owm upbringing & accomplishments had been proven to be false. In spite of the fact that his tendency to "borrow", "exaggerate", & lie started long before his bid for the Presidency, he blamed his staff & the "exaggerated shadow of his past mistakes" for his failure. 

He took no responsibility & assumed no accountability for his behavior. This is something consistent through Biden's entire political career.

While he explored the possibility of another shot at the big seat over the years, it wasn't until January of 2007 that he committed to another run for President, but never rose above single-digits in the polls, & after placing 5th in the Iowa caucuses on January 3, 2008 he once again bowed out of the race.

After his withdrawal, Obama (who of course had been in the running against him) approached him, suggesting he had an "important place" to fill in an Obama administration. Proud Joe at first declined the opportunity to fill the slot of VP. He felt that would be a "loss in status (aka "power")" from his Senate seat. By early August, he had changed his mind, & he became Obama's running mate. The Republican opposition (McCain/Palin) very likely made it easier for Biden to escape much scrutiny for his "exaggerated past" mistakes. Palin, being a female nominee & very outspoken, drew so much attention that he was able to remain under-the-radar & focused on campaigning in the less-populated & lower income areas of the nation as well as the areas that were predominantly Catholic (as is he).

During this campaign, it has been publicly acknowledged that Biden had received instructions from the campaign managers to keep his speeches to-the-point & avoid off-hand remarks due to the negative attention he consistently attracted. It reached a point to where a frustrated Barack Obama was heard to say "How many times is Biden gonna say something stupid?" and he (Biden) found himself uninformed about strategy discussions out of fear of how he might mess things up for the campaign.

Ever the ambitious one, Biden continued to run for Senate re-election in Delaware while running for VP. (Permitted by said state) & successfully won that Senate seat in addition to an Obama/Biden victory, & held that seat until his inauguration on January 6, 2009.

This was not only a clever way to make sure he would still be in office regardless of the outcome of the Presidential race, but a way to earn another political "first" - his Senate victory made him the youngest senator in history to start a 7th term. To a career politician, these "firsts" matter - they provide bragging rights in terms of "success".

During his first term as VP, Biden earned all the gold stars he could - those "achievements" are easily available by anyone who cares to look them up. At any rate, the success or failure of his efforts added more notches to his political belt.

As the first term drew to a close, it has been leaked that there was some consideration about replacing Biden with Hilary Clinton in the VP spot (which is a pretty strong indicator on just how successful Biden was (or wasn't) in the eyes of the Obama administration), however, after polls showed no significant improvement with Clinton replacing Biden, the campaign chose not to make that change.

The second campaign run saw Biden making some unsanctioned moves that drew some disapproval from the campaign & the President.

He got out ahead of Obama proclaiming himself "absolutely comfortable" with same-sex marriage, which was a hot topic at the time. Obama, who had taken the position that it was an issue that he was "evolving" toward accepting, was understandably upset, having already carefully put together the scenario where he would shift position to acceptance later in the campaign with a high-profile flourish just before the DNC. This was no "oops" or typical Biden gaffe - this was a deliberate nudge to step in front of Obama's shadow & get a potential advantage in a future run for President after the Obama/Biden admin had completed their final term. It should come as no surprise that "Catholic" Biden had previously advised Obama NOT to come out in favor of this issue too soon as so "not to offend Catholic voters". Due to moves like this & the noticed appearance that Biden was working behind the scenes to develop contacts who would be committed to supporting a future Biden run for President, Biden once again found himself excluded from Obama campaign strategy meetings.

Just a point of interest, in terms of the popular vote, the Obama/Biden administration won the 2 elections by very slim margins (53% in 2008 & a mere 51% in 2012).

As the 2016 election drew closer, Biden was contemplating a possible bid for the Democrat nomination against Clinton, but decided against it in October of 2015, citing the recent death of his son Beau & his grief over the loss as a main cause. While I do not doubt the grief, I've lost a son of my own, I know the reality of coming to grips with that, I still wonder how deliberately calculated his decision was in cementing a feeling of sympathy for his loss in the minds of the American people. After all, when I lost my son, I lost a huge piece of my heart & my life, but I still had to get up and go to work every day - I still had to consider the future, & I know Biden had to do the same. With his hunger for political success, I think even the loss of his son was a tool used for political advantage. Call my cynical if you like, my observation of American politics is the reason I have become such a cynic.

After Trump won in 2016, Biden found himself without a seat in politics for the first time in decades.  He spent that time teaching as a professor at the U of PA, writing a memoir, and going on a book tour, which earned him a cool 15.6 million from 2017-2018. Even while outside the Washington inner-circle, he remained in the public eye as much as possible, endorsing campaigns, speaking out on climate change, politics, & LGBT rights, & at every opportunity, against the Trump administration.

As the 2020 election grew closer, he gave ambivalent "maybes" when asked if he might run, finally publicly committing to do so in April of 2019. This time around, Biden didn't let his low standing in the caucuses discourage him. He placed 4th in Iowa & just over a week later dropped to 5th in Nevada, but stayed in the race- in spite of being 21.6 percent behind Bernie Sanders at the time. He focused on winning the black vote (a pretty astounding achievement, actually, considering his past in regards to race relations, which if you don't know anything about, I will cover later, or maybe in another video)

In spite of Sander's popularity with Progressives young & old, Biden won the nomination & then the Presidency.

After almost half a century of coveting that top spot, his ambition was finally realized.

So let's take a look over the years. Those remarks & behaviors that are now being referred to as evidence of cognitive decline are not new. They are trademark Biden from even his early days in politics.

And here we are, Joe Biden is (finally, he exclaims) President of the United States. But he looks around, & he's angry. He's President, all right, but while the 'Rona, and George Floyd, & Donald Trump are getting so much focus, he's feeling like he got robbed again.

All the years of working towards the top spot, only to attain it so late in life & to be overshadowed by the events of the day- not what he expected it to be like, I'm sure.

He's bitter & he is angry. He knows he won't be able to save our country from the virus, he knows he's slowing down because of his age, he knows his mark will not be the brightest in our history & he resents us for not letting him get his coveted prize sooner, when he was still on top of his game.

Bitter angry old people are a lot like petulant children. They tend to lash out at those around them, throw temper-tantrums & break things on purpose. Ol' Joe says - "I'll show you" and sets his sights on turmoil & division. Not to fix or stop them but to rip them wide open.

Through his relationships with racist politicians like James Eastland & Strom Thurmond, he has craftily learned how to use race as a wedge and an advantage, & he does it like a pro.

In 1978, Eastland was a mentor to a young Joe Biden. Biden, fearing he might lose his very first re-election bid, told Eastland of his worry, Eastland, who was fond of Biden, asked what he could do to help. Joe, knowing that a backing from Eastland could potentially harm him in his liberal northeast state, voiced that "in some places, Eastman could help, but in others might hurt" his re-election campaign. Eastman then replied he would "come to Delaware and campaign for him or against him (Biden) - whichever would help the most" - when Biden would recount this story in later years, he would cite it as an example of how politics used to work & how they should still work today. That opposing sides might argue in chambers, but once the day was done & work was over, they would sit down to dinner together as friends. Remember though, this was not just some democratic opposition member. this was John Eastland, one of the most outspoken racists in the history of politics, and Biden bragged publicly about the fact that Eastland never called him "senator" or by his given name, but rather "son". Eastland's racist rhetoric was less important to Biden than his support for Biden's political career.

In defense of his relationship with Eastland & Thurmond, Biden implies that both had changed their racist views before they died. Whether this is true, or just a way for career-politician Joe to "white-wash" his relationships with them remains under speculation, but is met with skepticism by many.

Joe Biden even gave a eulogy at Eastland's funeral. This is significant, something done for someone who one truly loves or admires. Joe was wily enough to know Thurmond's support in politics could hurt him, it stands to reason he would also know that his eulogy could do the same.

Looking through the years of policies and commentary, you can find evidence that Joe and Thurmond may have shared views regarding race. Biden fought actively to stop busing laws in the early 70's. In Biden's own memoir (2007), he recollects how, in 1975, he (Biden) thought of busing as a "liberal train wreck," and found himself huddled with a group of Dixiecrats, planning how they might introduce anti-busing legislation that could pass in the Senate.

This quote from Biden was made in 1977 - "Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this."

It appears he has been sowing the seed of division regarding race in America for longer than most people are aware of. In 1976, he said this to a group of 5th graders in Newark, DE "Kids had no choice in this," he told the white children. "You shouldn't hate black kids. They had nothing to do with it. Black kids don't want to come to your school any more than you want to go to their school."

An explosive thought to put in the mind of a 5th grader who is not yet mature enough to understand the idea that it is a fear of something unknown that drives their feelings, not a hate or dislike of one another. But instead of addressing the fear, chose to insinuate feelings of mutual dislike. And he was young then. This was not some gaffe or "mistake" about poor kids being as smart as white kids by some doddering old fool. And that infamous statement he I just referred to was no mistake either. It was just a slip where he showed his true feelings.

I only mention this as evidence of Biden's ability to play the political game. Attitudes and Actions in his career that obviously point to some racist leanings, yet he was able to turn the tables during his campaign & deliberately edit and misquote Trump to make it appear that Trump was racist.

 He did this over and over & it worked to his advantage.

In politics, it's not about truth, it's about winning. And damn the consequences to opponent, to country, to people.

So, here we have this man, Joe Biden - who has persevered through his life and career choice to end up with the top spot - the crowning achievement to his life, a victory that will be part of history forever. WOW! That sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

But for ol' Joe, not so much. 

He's a bitter & angry man who feels robbed by the world. He knows he is old, and he resents the fact that he got the big prize so late after so many failed tries. He inherited that top spot amid a pandemic that is dominating news all over the world, events like the death of George Floyd which are dominating news headlines & he knows that no matter how well he does his job, he won't ever be able dominate this part of history. And he's pissed off.

He knows full well that he is creating division in our nation of epic proportions, not only in race, but in sexual preference, in gender preference, in income classes, if there's division, Joe is right there making the cuts deeper while trying to make the world believe he's doing just the opposite.

Because he is determined we are all  gonna PAY for waiting so long to make him our President. He's gonna punish America & her people to the fullest extent imaginable for waiting 'til he was practically too old for the job to give it to him.

And he's played the game long enough to know that when he finally breaks the very last thing he can find, no one will ever blame him outright. They'll blame his age, his mental state due to his advanced years, and never once realize that he knew what he was doing the entire time.

But I know. I see his eyes when he speaks, when they go from the normal faded-out old man blue to that black empty soul-less glare.

I know when I hear him tell outright lies because I've been listening & I've been researching for quite a while now. I don't think he is the devil himself, but I do think he sold his soul to that devil for his position. And I think, like most who sell their souls to the devil, that the reward is not quite what he thought it would be. But what else would one expect from the devil?

Sell your soul for money, watch the tax man come take his share,

Sell your soul for love, watch that love either be so strong it makes you run away, or instead of being passionate, be platonic.

Wish for fame, get infamy

Wish for power, watch that power be not for good, but for evil

After all, it is the devil you deal with.

The Facts on SB202 (GA's voting laws) - Don't Believe the Lies!

So many people are being given false or flawed information about the changes to GA voting laws I decided to provide the true facts. I obtained my information from the actual text of the bill, not from any other source. The link to the bill will be listed at the end. 

Myth: Restricts Opportunity to Vote

Pg 4 Lines 85-89

New legislation reads 9am-5pm, with the ability to extend hours from 7am-7pm. And any voter in line prior to the closing of the polls MUST be allowed to vote, so if you get there at 6:59pm, it doesn't matter if it takes 'til midnight (or later) for you to reach the polls, you will be allowed to vote. And extra weekend days are now required throughout the state, as referenced below.

Prior to the passage of this bill, more than 100 counties in GA had never offered Sunday voting. Many counties only allowed one weekend day to vote.

THIS BILL requires all counties to have at least 2 Saturdays & 2 optional Sundays to allow voters to cast ballots.

Myth: The Water Issue

Pg 71 Lines 1812-1821

This bill states that no one shall give food or drink to a voter WITHIN 150 FEET OF THE POLLING PLACE OR INSIDE THE POLLING PLACE. If you have made it that close & are suddenly dying of thirst, there will be self-serve water receptacles available.

(side note from me: the reason for this is simple, if a person in a Biden hat or a Trump t-shirt (just for examples) comes up to you in line & offers you a bottle of water, most people will feel grateful. The mind subliminally connects the kind gesture with the party represented by said campaign gear & that has the possible result of influencing who you vote for. Same if that person who gives you water makes some comment like "I sure hope ____ wins" - this is a common sense protection against electioneering, which is against the law across the country.)

Myth: Absentee Voting

pgs 47-48 Lines 1198-1202

You must apply for an absentee ballot. If your application is received within the time limit (this limit differs depending on the type of election, you want to know that info look it up), the board of registrars will mail you an absentee ballot. If there is an unexpected circumstance, for example, a person is in the hospital, & did not expect to be unable to vote in person, they can contact the board of registrars from 10 days prior to the election UP TO THE DAY OF THE ELECTION & the absentee ballot will be delivered to them.

Additional information: Application for absentee voting is available online or in person at the registrar's office. If the person requesting absentee ballot is unable to get their application either of those ways, the following people can be authorized to pick up the application for them - parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, spouse, child, niece, nephew, grandchild, mother-father-sister-brother-in-law (as long as the representing person is over 18) (Pages 35-36 lines 872-887)

Myth: Limits Locations

Pg Lines 709-719 

Areas where precincts have a large number of voters & still have people waiting in line one hour after the polls were supposed to close will be reviewed, & at the next election either add locations or reduce precinct size (by creating new precincts). This expands voter's ability to vote.

Myth: Drop Boxes

Ok first, you need to know that prior to 2020, GA had NO drop boxes. They were created specifically to address the needs of the state during the pandemic, & once the emergency pandemic rules expired, the boxes were eliminated. The drop box is specifically for delivery of absentee ballots. You also need to know that absentee ballots can be MAILED in via the US Postal Service. You don't even have to leave home.

That being said, here is the drop box text

Pages 44-45 Lines 1116-1123

Each precinct/registrar is required to have at least 1 drop box. Additional drop boxes can be placed for areas with 100,000+ registered voters, or to match the number of advance voting locations in said county/precinct. Additional drop boxes have to be evenly distributed throughout counties by population.


The ID Issue:

Yes, GA requires ID to vote. BUT GA also provides photo ID to it's residents for FREE. Not restricting anybody there either.

You can find SB202 here:

So there you have it, I hope I covered everything. If not, leave a comment. In fact, I'd love to hear comments from anyone who reads this!

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Nothing else needs to be said, just look at the image below!

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Mainstream Media has Forgotten What Their Job is Supposed to Be.


on November 19th, 2020 @ approximately 3:45pm ET

Rudy Giuliani & the rest of President Trump’s legal team held a press conference regarding the election fraud claims in states around the US.
During this conference, which was not live covered by any of the mainstream media companies (except Fox) Giuliani lectured the media about the way they now cover (or don’t cover) the news. More than my reaction to the information given during this press conference, I want to focus on what Giuliani said about the media. Of course, in order to do so, I must also give information on what was said in the press conference, gonna try to do my best here.
The legal team cited examples & gave information regarding affidavits they have received from sources in regards to the current & upcoming lawsuits being filed regarding the various claims of fraud during the 2020 election. We the people should already understand that because of the nature and possible explosiveness of this information, the legal team can not and should not provide the media with all the information the team has acquired. That is not the way it works.
The media has no right to expect or demand names, specifics, etc. because if the team’s information is valid & those presumed guilty had access to what information has been acquired, the guilty parties could start making that information disappear, change, become unusable. People who have publicly given information are already being threatened and harassed not just by angry members of the opposing side, but those people and organizations behind the alleged election tampering. This story, if true, could place the actual lives of these people who speak out and those of their families, in danger. This is not a movie, this is real. So at best, the media uses faulty logic when they assume that just because they were not handed every piece of evidence, the evidence does not exist. At worst, the media fully knows, but doesn't care.
So, with this knowledge in hand, what did the mainstream media giants, who did not bother to cover the press conference in real time for their viewers have to say AFTER the press conference?
Late last night and early this morning, I visited their web sites to find out. And here are the results. It is a disgrace. I displayed the time from my computer and only did shots of the opening pages of each site, to show just how relevant each network thought the press conference was to the public.

Until the courts have viewed and ruled on the evidence the team claims to have, NOTHING can be termed as “debunked”. THAT is an outright lie, one that the Big Tech companies & the mainstream media with their “fact-checkers” have turned in to a narrative they expect us all to blindly accept. The media has no authority to determine whether something is “baseless” – they do not have the authority or the evidence-in-hand or the tools needed to decide. That is NOT THEIR JOB. MSNBC goes so far as to call him (Giuliani) an outright LIAR when they have no proof of that statement. CNN characterized the entire press conference as “bananas” basically telling the viewers there is nothing of interest or substance to be found by watching. CBS made no mention of the conference. Fox did at least, acknowledge there was a press conference, and they covered it at the time. You can say that is because of bias that favors the President if you want, but in reality they cover a lot of stories that would suggest just the opposite, if taken out and stood alone. Point still being ONE of the more-recognized networks made any attempt to report this as “news”.
And as they mock Giuliani, I realize because of age, poor history education, or other factors, some of you may have no idea who this guy really is... So let me give you a little history lesson.
→Mafia Commission Trial (80’s) – indicted the head members of the “Five Families” of the US mafia – 3 of the 5 were sentenced to 100+ years in prison, the other two “evaded prosecution” by being assassinated. (Not assassinated by Giuliani, just so ya know)
→Wall Street Insider Trading (80-90’s) – indicted & attained prosecution of Boesky & Milken, two Wall Street men who had amassed a huge fortune via insider trading, which, although always an illegal practice, was rarely prosecuted. Boesky took a plea deal, serving 3.5 years in prison & fines over 100 million dollars In exchange for cooperation in attaining 98 counts of racketeering & fraud against Milken.
→Mayor of New York City – 1994-2001 (highlights)
               Unprecedented drop in crime in NYC during his terms
               One of the first to give partnership rights to same-sex couples, granting equal benefits as those in traditional relationships.
               Advocated voucher-based education choices, giving kids a chance at attending better schools instead of restricting them by location
→Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” – mainly attributed to his response & actions following 9/11
Plus numerous other awards & recognitions over the years. He’s not just some clown, he’s well-versed in both criminal prosecution & politics. He's been around a long time.
But in spite of all this, & presumably because of his current position on President Trump’s legal team the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge or cover this investigation in to possible election tampering and fraud.
That is unacceptable and outrageous. Whether these claims be right or wrong, valid or insane, regardless of who's behalf the claims are being made, the American public has the right to be informed & the press has the responsibility to provide us that information. Not sarcastic comments or assumptions by the so-called journalists, but information.
As I continue to say – it is their job to INFORM us, not INFLUENCE us. They have forgotten this. They need to be reminded.

Friday, November 6, 2020

2020 - A Spaced-Out Oddity

This year, currently only half-lived, has been crazy on a level that is hard to wrap the mind around. And that is putting it mildly, to say the least.
Covid-19, civil unrest, peaceful protests AND riots, looting, & burning, statues and monuments torn down in the name of racism, portions of cities being "taken over", CHAZ/CHOP, violence and murder in big cities exploding, oh, and one other tiny, little, thing - it's an election year.
The majority of the media appears to be blind in regards to the stuff that matters most, opting for whatever is the most sensationalist news and what best promotes racial division, in the midst of all the outrage over suspected criminals dying at the  hands of law enforcement,  there is barely a mention of 
the people gunned down outside a funeral home in Detroit - not by police, by the way or the children who have died in acts of senseless violence, but we can't talk about THAT, the loss of a child is something that, no matter what color your skin is, could be UNIFYING.
So, hush, sweep that news under the rug.
Because the LAST thing the mainstream media wants right now is UNITY in America.
Well, maybe there IS one thing more important to the MSM, seeing Donald Trump lose the upcoming election.
Yeah, they practically start foaming at the mouth at the mere thought that he be re-elected.
Why is that?
Before China gave us Covid-19, the gift that keeps on taking, our nation was prospering to an extent that was almost unbelievable - especially after the economic nightmare that was the Obama-Biden presidency.
Under Trump
People all across the nation were seeing record unemployment - no matter what gender, race, religion, etc...
Our nation's economy was booming.

It was amazing!
Then along comes Covid-19.
Which originated in China.
Who downplayed it & hid vital information from the rest of the world.
With the help of WHO
(World Health Organization)
They outright lied to the world about when they knew it existed, let people come and go from all over, silenced doctors who tried to raise the alarm, & when they got called out for it they even tried to claim that it was biological warfare from the USA.
They sold faulty test kits to nations who could least afford it - as well as masks, ventilators, etc...
Understand when I say "they" in regards to China, I am not talking about the PEOPLE of China.
It's the Communist Chinese government who is responsible.
Who continues to show their hatred for not just the US, but most of the free world.
Threatening Australia for demanding an investigation into their actions regarding this virus, taking away the autonomous status of Hong Kong, mocking the United States, attempting to hack in to the research and development of a vaccine for the virus, the list goes on and on.
But so much else is going on, so enough on China. If you don't already know this stuff, for God's sake start doing some research.
Just know that the MSM as well as a lot of democrats in office and even some folks in the general public are laying the blame for this virus on President Trump, as if he himself was the point of origin and sneezed on the entire planet.
Which is bullshit, but more about that later.
So, due to the virus the US (and a lot of other countries) basically shut down.
as in closed the majority of the businesses in the country.
Stopped people from gathering in groups, set curfews, canceled events, closed public areas like parks and beaches, closed schools, turned restaurants into take-out only "drive through" locations
and as a result, LOTS of people - millions and millions of people suddenly were out of work.
If you're job was not classified as "essential" you were SOL
But the majority of us did our best to persevere, realizing this virus was a complete unknown & understanding it would take time to figure out how to best handle it.
We aren't there yet.
Even today, we are hearing of new symptoms, conflicting recommendations on best-practices for health - recommendations that sometimes change in the course of a day
because we still have more questions than answers.
Anyway, back to the part where we SHUT DOWN
to say it had a devastating effect on the economy is such a massive understatement
It put a lot of financial & emotional strain on families, especially those where kids were suddenly out of school & parents found themselves unemployed.
The government increased food stamp benefits, guaranteed unemployment to workers who suddenly found themselves without income due to the shut down & they put together a stimulus package for almost every single citizen to help get over the hump.
That was pretty amazing.
But anything requiring the approval of the House, Senate, & President is not going to move fast, & those currently holding office have animosity that is OFF THE CHARTS!
If a Republican has an idea, Democrats are already hating it before they even hear it.
The Democratic party has recently had an influx of new members who are more Marxist/Socialist than Democrat & their agendas are terrifying to contemplate.
And God forbid the President say or do ANYTHING.
He's under constant attack from the opposition. If he said the sky was blue, they would rather dispute his words until they themselves turned blue before conceding that he was right.
See, he's not a career politician. Not a member of the false face club. He's the kind of guy who, sorry to be vulgar, would fart & laugh out loud when your nose wrinkled from the  smell.
His political enemies (and make no mistake they ARE his enemies) are from the school of fart silently, pretend you don't smell anything, and if someone dares bring attention to it, blame the dog - even if you don't have one. And do not, under any circumstance, even twitch a nostril in acknowledgement. That is the way of the career politician.
And anyone who isn't equipped with a smooth mask and tongue that effortlessly rolls out lies is the enemy.
They don't like blunt, honest truth. They prefer white-washed half-truths or even outright lies. He doesn't fit the mold they worked so hard to create. So at any cost, they decide he must go.
It's gotten ugly, & it's bound to get uglier before November.
So, back to the shut down - first, everyone who died (dies) of Covid-19 died (dies) alone.
No visitors, no goodbyes, imagine the awfulness of this, not only for the dying but for their loved ones who were not allowed in...
School graduations - canceled, most sporting events - canceled. Concerts. weddings, vacations... well you get the idea.
A lot of people were hurting financially, a lot of them lost loved ones to this virus, & a lot of people endured some pretty serious emotional strain from the "shelter-in-place" self-quarantine recommendations.
Businesses were ordered to shut down
Mostly small businesses, who could least afford that kind of revenue loss -
Many of those businesses will never open their doors again.
But hey, Walmart stayed open,
But they did start closing early - really early. 8:30 pm in my little corner of the world, not sure if that's the same everywhere.
(There are some things here that don't quite make sense to me, but let me get through this first before I start questioning the wisdom of the powers-that-be)
It appeared we were "flattening the curve" of infection & people started getting antsy to get back to work, back to school, back to their normal lives & routines.
And when that didn't happen, some folks got mad & decided to protest.
Called everything from selfish to "granny murderers", those folks caught a LOT of hell.
And then, just as everything started opening up, a new crisis occurs.
On May 26, 2020, George Floyd, a black man,  was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis.
(If you are reading this & are thinking "Who?"
Then PLEASE go do a search for 2020 in the USA & get informed. Then come back if you want to, I did not start this with the intent of detailing every single thing.)
Now, Mr. Floyd's death was an unnecessary & horrible thing. It was an abuse of power by the law enforcement officers involved, it was an outrage.
And people got mad.
And started protesting -

But not JUST protesting, in many areas, this turned into full-scale riots, vandalism, looting, burning shit down - an estimated  15-26 MILLION people in the US have participated in these protests (source: Wikipedia)
As I write this, it is the last week of July, 2020 & the protests & riots continue.
And they are tearing our nation apart.
There is no unity to be found here. If you have a conflicting opinion on anything, you are immediately labeled as a racist & subject to all sorts of abuse, from verbal (online) to killed in the streets (up close and personal) - yes, this has happened.
And now, here, this is where I start putting in my 2 cents.
I still have the madness of politics to get to, but damn, at this rate, that my have to be a separate blog altogether.
First the virus.
It originated in China. No question there. The "when" is subjective because they hid it from the world til it got out & started spreading. The official report says late December - early January was when they "discovered" & identified it in Wuhan province, China BUT there are indicators that they might have known about it in November, if not earlier. They just clamped down on anyone who might warn the world in the way that any "good Communist country"  would, & let that shit spread.
Misery loves company, after all.
And my God, spread it did. Search for Italy - Covid-19 to see some tragic coverage.
It's been bad pretty much world-wide.
But the coverage in/from Italy is... I don't even know how to describe it, you can't say amazing - not about this, & words like "accurate" don't even come close. I have a video link,  just watch it, if you're interested. It's heartbreaking, and it's real.
And yet, here in America, the MSM & democrats have decided it is President Trump's fault. As if he were the origin, and sneezed on the whole planet. I'm not being facetious here, that is exactly how they are acting.
When he closed off travel to/from China early on, they called him "racist" & "xenophobic".
Later, they screamed that he "didn't act quickly enough"
The guidelines and recommendations, as I have mentioned, are all subjective because there is no absolute certainty - we are dealing with an unknown.
But every false start or wrong turn in dealing with it are said to be absolutely his fault.
Guess he is not afforded the chance to learn as he goes - even though that is what the entire planet is having to do in regards to this virus.
People outraged because he did not wear a mask, expressing said outrage with their masks on - but usually pushed down under the chin (see Pelosi for many great examples of this)
Then, when he goes to a VA hospital and DOES wear a mask, he is mocked.
There is no middle ground here.
Like, if you protest the economy grinding to a halt, you are a selfish "granny murdering" piece of crap.
But, if you are protesting racial injustice via the George Floyd killing, you are within your rights to do so, and even ENCOURAGED to do so by many mayors, governors, etc...
It seems that protests about racial injustice do NOT spread the virus.
However, concerts, graduations, political rallies, & attending church & similar activities apparently DO spread the virus.
People standing crammed shoulder to shoulder, in large numbers, screaming stuff like "pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon" (nice, huh?)
Spittle flying from their foaming mouths from the screaming, and sometimes from just spitting - mostly at law enforcement
Nothing to fear. Carry on.
You are absolutely within your rights to do so.
Just as long as you are protesting the "right" thing, you can go so far as to break windows, start fires, loot stores, attack police & you are given a green light all the way.
You can beat up old people in the streets for trying to protect their businesses, have it caught on camera and not have to fear any repercussions for doing so.
I keep saying the world has gone mad. It becomes harder & harder to laugh when I say it.
You can say "Black Lives Matter" but you can't say "All Lives Matter"
people have been killed for this.
The rationale behind that is another one of those things that make me wonder what the hell is the world coming to.
Because according to the media, a white woman was shot and killed for saying
"All Lives Ma
Follow up information went on to say she  reportedly used a racial slur at some point prior to voicing those words.
So I guess she deserved to die for that.
So, if someone uses a racial slur. it is apparently okay to kill them now.
Does that mean if I'm walking up the road & someone yells out
"cracker" or "honky" at me, I can shoot them?
Because that is not the correct type of racial slur to justify murder.
White people are expected to
Apologize for being white,

Apologize & take full responsibility for the heinous practice of slavery in early America
*even though no person alive today in America ever was a slave or owned a slave*
Apologize, admit to, and hate ourselves for our "white privilege"
(Something that honestly, if it ever existed at all, I have NEVER been privy to - everything I ever had cost me in sweat, in tears, in blood, in money I worked for - nobody ever paved a road or opened a door for me because of my skin color, and that is a FACT)
And those who do the requirements above, does that let them off the hook for being born white?
How about if they also get down on their knees and beg forgiveness for their skin color?
In fact, many have, after subjugating themselves to the mob, were ridiculed for doing so, & even physically assaulted until they ran away.
Wanna hear something even crazier?
When you look at the footage from these scenes, you see more WHITE faces in this mob than any other color.
Go figure that one out.
So now, the positive cases for the virus are rising again at what we are told is an alarming rate.
Damn you rally-attendees and churchgoers and people at gatherings.
This is YOUR fault.
(Remember, protesting racial injustice does NOT spread the virus)
And guess what?
The government says we are heading in to another shut down, if we don't take action immediately.
It is required now that everyone wear a mask or some type of face covering in public. Some stores will refuse to let you in without one.
But your face covering had better not offend anyone.
Or else.
Example (and yeah, I was just as disgusted as anyone else on this, but I also remember what the 1st Amendment says & understand that while something someone else says or even wears might be highly offensive to me - that does not deny them the right to say or wear it.)
You know what I am referring to, unless you just crawled out from under a rock, right?
The couple in Walmart with the swastika bandanas - yeah, that was pretty out-of-line. But supposed to be fully protected under that good ol' 1st Amendment.

not anymore it's not!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

2020 Elections - The "Chaos" & "Fiasco" We May Face (according to NBC Nightly News)

Everybody on the left & in mainstream media is calling President Trump names - like "paranoid" & "ridiculous" for example, whenever he expresses "unfounded" concern about Covid-19 & the effect it will have on this year's election regarding the expected massive number of people who will be voting by mail.
Nothing new about that, if he said the sky was blue, some folks would tear out their own eyeballs just to keep from having to admit he's telling the truth.
BUT - get this - NBC Nightly News - on August 4, 2020 themselves refers to this year's NY election as
"chaos" & a "fiasco" & a "mess".
Six weeks after the NY election, the results are still unknown due to the number of mail-in votes & errors by the state in issuing & tabulating these ballots.

Lester Holt, from NBC Nightly News opens this segment on the upcoming Presidential election by saying

"Election Night Could Become Election Week"

Okay, it's been SIX weeks for the state of NY election & they don't have a result yet, but an entire nation of votes will be made in November & he says it could become "election week"??
Wow, that is optimistic, to say the least.
In the state of New York, postage paid envelopes were sent with ballots - which should have been a positive, right? No out-of-pocket expense for postage, no time delay in mailing back when completed - sounds great, right?!
when postage paid mail is processed, it generally goes straight through, not getting postmarked, & now we have a problem. No verification of date mailed (yeah, there is a deadline for voting) & no verification that these envelopes actually went through the postal service - so in theory, someone could bring a bag full of ballots in to be counted & no one could prove otherwise. PLUS these votes have to be counted manually - human error exists. Lots of windows for disputing the results just got thrown open & none of them have screens.
Ironically, but typically, NBC lists each & every point mentioned above in detail, with interviews with people connected to & affected by the NY election - then CRITICIZES President Trump for having what they call "unfounded" concerns about what a mess it's going to be in November - criticizes him, mind you, after showing & telling us in exquisite detail, the "fiasco" (NBC'S DESCRIPTION) of ONE state's election in our current & crazy "new normal" Covid-19 world - not fifty states combined, just ONE!
Also, to add my own 2 cents here - there is a big difference between mass mail-in voting (which the President has been very critical of) & absentee voting (which he supports & has used himself, by admission). The media, for some reason has recently made the two terms 
synonymous - which is inaccurate & (in my opinion) done to intentionally mock his (justified) concern.
One big difference being a required signature verification in the absentee that is not present in mass mail-in. This may seem small, but is crucial in helping prevent the possibility of fraud.
Tell me that mocking his concern isn't bias, & if you truly believe it, show me why.
Tell me, after seeing what is going on with NY elections, that the President is stupid, or crazy, or whatever adjective you prefer for being concerned, & again explain why.
This is an election to decide who will be in charge of our country for the next 4 years! This is such a big deal that out of all the millions of people in our country only TWO are officially chosen to compete for that spot!! As a country, this election is big, but to those men, Trump & Biden? This is humongous.
If one of those names was mine, I'd have plenty of concerns - bet your ass. I've got plenty of concerns already.
Elections shape nations, policies, laws, freedoms & restrictions. 
Yeah, I'm concerned. Everyone should be.

(This segment of NBC NIGHTLY NEWS was my only source for this piece, that & my own knowledge & opinion, of course.)
Thanks for reading, comments encouraged.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Peaceful Protests in the US

This needs to be watched.
The government & some of the media sources are lying to us.
The truth needs to be seen,
Please watch this entire video, please share it everywhere,

^Video source: House Judiciary GOP

Thursday, March 19, 2020

China Shows it's True Face & it is UGLY & EVIL

Bad enough that "China's deliberate cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan is a matter of public record. In suppressing information about the virus, doing little to contain it, and allowing it to spread unchecked in the crucial early days and weeks, imperiling not only its own country and its own citizens, but also the more than 100 nations now facing their own potentially devastating outbreaks. More perniciously, the Chinese government censored and detained those brave doctors and whistleblowers who attempted to sound the alarm and warn their fellow citizens when they understood the gravity of what was to come."
(sources will be cited at the end)
Even worse "
The government only instituted a lockdown in Wuhan on January 23—seven weeks after the virus first appeared. As events in Italy, the United States, Spain, and France have shown, quite a lot can happen in a week, much less seven. By then, mayor Zhou Xianwang admitted that more than 5 million people had already left Wuhan.""But is this a time for blame? Yes, it is. Accounting for responsibility when a disaster happens—particularly one likely to devastate entire countries, leaving thousands dead—is not beside the point, particularly as Chinese officials move to take advantage of the crisis and launch a disinformation campaign claiming that the U.S. Army introduced the virus."Stop for a moment & take that in, if you will...
Then follow me through my morning.
I get online to see a meme my son-in-law posted about selling toilet paper for some exorbitant price AND having to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive...
Understand the toilet paper madness in the US has been a source of some puzzlement and amusement to those of us who still look for something to laugh about during this crisis, and it has been complete insanity here.
Yes, we understand (even if we do not accept) the sudden mad rush to buy hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, bleach, food staples, etc... but the toilet paper thing, well, it just got out of hand SO FAST (especially considering that this virus does not seem to affect the bowels).
And so, I decide to pull up wish, and search for toilet paper, just on a whim - ironically, as I am doing so, I also stumble upon the article I quote from above (and will source below) and suddenly NOTHING is funny and I AM FURIOUS!
Because not only is China largely responsible for the massive spread of this virus, not only are their hands stained with the unnecessary deaths resulting from their deliberate underplaying and outright lies - NOW they are trying to PROFIT from the crisis they CREATED. And that is beyond wrong, beyond repugnant, beyond evil.
And it should NOT be allowed. In addition to the source below, I am also adding screenshots of just a few of my search results from, taken on this day, March 19, 2020 at approximately 10 a.m. Eastern Time.
There is only ONE thing we all should do, MUST do in light of this. We, not just as a nation, but as a PLANET in peril due to the actions of China, MUST BOYCOTT WISH.COM immediately. Not just for toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer and the like, but for EVERY SINGLE ITEM THEY TRY TO SELL US.
How can they expect the entire world to be so stupid & let them profit from the pandemic they created?
If you don't see this is imperative, I am guessing you might be from China.
Nuff said.

article "China is Trolling the World and Avoiding Blame"

Saturday, June 22, 2019